The Highlands Ability Battery

Everyone is born with natural abilities or aptitudes. Abilities differ from strengths which are developed through practice and experience. Knowing your range of abilities can help you plan and achieve greater satisfaction in your career.

The Highlands Abilities Battery is a highly regarded objective assessment of abilities developed by the pioneering clinical studies of Johnson O’Connor. Superior to assessment instruments that rely solely on self-report, the Highlands Abilities Battery provides an objective assessment through hands-on, interactive activities that determine how naturally an underlying aptitude presents for you. The Highlands Abilities Battery is available online allowing you to complete the assessment in the comfort of your own environment.

Dr. Asta is a Certified Highlands Consultant. During your two hour feedback session she will interpret the results and explain your unique patterns and clusters of abilities. You will receive an individualized report that describes your unique ability profile. Once you understand your ability profile, you will explore how your unique combination of abilities relates to career options taking into account Highlands’ whole person model described below.


The Whole Person Model

After an individual’s abilities are measured and interpreted by Create Your Career, we will explore other influences which have helped to shape and define you. As unique human beings, we face life’s challenges in our own personal way. Create Your Career uses a structure for relating the results of the Highlands Ability Battery to these other influences. In this way, we are able to see a picture of the Whole Person, especially as the other factors help us understand, develop, and utilize our natural abilities.

Eight critical factors are examined in the Highlands’ Whole Person approach:






Natural Abilities

These are identified and measured by the Highlands Ability Battery. People are happiest and perform best when their natural abilities are employed to the fullest.



These are those function-driven tasks an individual has learned to do well. They develop over time through study, education, application and practice. To the extent an individual takes advantage of his or her innate abilities in developing a skill, the skill will be acquired more quickly, easily, and fully.



Over the years, all individuals develop interests unique to them. When these are identified and recognized, individuals can be helped to combine these with their abilities to achieve a fuller and more integrated use of both.


Personal Style

All individuals have developed speech patterns, body language, social devices, and personality traits unique to them. Because other individuals respond either more or less favorably to an individual’s personal style, it is important to identify your unique ingredients in order to maximize positive ways for you to relate to others.


Family of Origin

An individual’s background and family shape his or her life and work ethic. We encourage ¬†individuals to examine and to understand how family history and intra-family relationships have influenced them.



People’s unique values define their reaction to people and events around them. When a sense of one’s values is combined with knowledge of the other factors in the whole person, individuals are helped to bring their plans and choices into sharper focus.



All individuals have goals which control and drive activities, both every day and over the foreseeable future. Individuals may wish to modify these goals in light of their innate abilities.


Career Development Stage

All individuals confront critical stages or transition in their life. Some of these are related to work, some are related to career. Career issues are sometimes self-created and sometime caused by external forces such as downsizing of the company. By defining and discussing the issues confronting the individual, we are able to assist through these transitions.



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